About us


Brand trust is fundamental to consumer loyalty. Ingredients are of the highest quality, and the formulation is to pharmaceutical standards. Patient control over accurate dosing, enabled by pharmaceutical standard labelling that can be relied upon, is a core brand feature ISOMIST™ is a unique CBD system that creates a sublingual mist with maximised surface area delivering the highest absorption. The range is developed from an understanding of consumer needs and providing solutions to match desired life-changing health outcomes.

Product Innovation

Product innovation is at the heart of what we do and is the reason we have the ISOMIST range that is already identifiable as market-leading. New products have already been developed with the future pipeline scoped. Investment will be into the successful launch of ISOMIST innovation. Building on the ISOMIST foundations will see a future range of combination products that will target specific conditions, i.e. pain or sleep.

Products are continuously tested and developed, and depending on the consumer feedback from the ISOMIST Brand launch; we can gauge which new products are likely to have the most market impact.

Following this and recognising the importance of Bioavailability, we have planned product launches containing enhanced absorption technology based on the core ISOMIST Brand values.

The History

ISOMIST was created by Craig Davies and Thomas Brian Chapman [BP, WHO] as an evolution and modification of the sublingual Spray delivery Patent [GB1514902 and all variants]. The patent was inspired from Thomas Chapmans work both in Africa whilst treating malaria and at GW pharmaceuticals whilst developing the licensed CBD spray – SativexR.

On the passing of Thomas Chapman it was Craig who then partnered with Nigel Kearse and Chris Nutbeen to continue to develop the ISOMIST™ brand you see today. The product was further developed into a retail Cloud Spray and a strategy was created for the expansion of the ISOMIST™ product range, affiliate partners and global reach.