Brand CBD Sprays

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Branded ISOMIST™ Sprays

Partner with us to distribute our leading ISOMIST™ Cloudsprays to your customers.

We offer a range of partnership tiers to ensure a successful growth opportunity for you.

CBD White Label

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White Label

Using ISOMIST™ formulation we can develop a new line of white label CBD products.

Packaged with global support from samples stage to distribution and beyond.

Best CBD Carrier Oil

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Biozorb Carrier Solution

We supply Biozorb direct to manufacture to boost your own product range using Biozorb.

Allowing you to create highly bioavaliable atomised sprays. 

the best CBD delivery system in the world

Only available from ISOMIST™ UK.

Wholesale CBD Carrier Oil Distributor

Introducing the Globally unique ISOMIST™ Biozorb CBD carrier solution.

Why Atomize? Spray V Tincture

CBD oil tinctures and sprays on the market today are Hemp oil containing a percentage of CBD which is quoted in Milligrams on the label or MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride) as a carrier oil with the CBD crystals dissolved within. MCT or Hemp oil both have a viscosity of approx 30 Brookfield units. Viscosity is a measure of thickness. Whilst these products are proven to be effective; they rely on the user to hold a thick and not so nice tasting oil under the tongue in the hope that some of it absorbs into the bloodstream sublingually (under the tongue) and swallow it. Therefore nearly all (95%) of the product enters the stomach and gut.

Wholesale CBD Carrier Oil

Set Your Cannabis Business or Brand Apart from Competitors with Biozorb

The ISOMIST™ Biozorb carrier solution is like no other CBD carrier oil on the market today. Its viscosity is only 7 Brookfield units. It is a pharmaceutically prepared drug delivery system.

It allows much higher concentrations of CBD distillate or Isolate to be homogenised in your manufacturing process. The finished product can be atomised as a subtle “mist” or “cloud” when this mist is discharged into the mouth and under the tongue. As the mist contacts the maximum surface area within the buccal cavity (mouth) it starts to absorb immediately on contact with all surfaces because of its spread pattern and particle size. It is, therefore entering the bloodstream through the mucous membrane as quickly as possible.

ISOMIST™ Biozorb Atomized measured discharge.

Providing the ultimate method for users to ascertain their individual required dose, quickly and confidently.

Experts have recommended a method for dosing called “Uptitration’’. This guideline states that you start a daily dose at a level of say 40 mg/day for seven days and measure the effects and see how you feel. Then if the desired results are not achieved increase this by say 10mg and try another seven days and so on….. But there becomes a challenge…

Most CBD oils today have a pipette which is not a measured amount; therefore, you cannot accurately dose at all. Also, the oil does not absorb, so effects cannot be measured. The onset of the impact are prolonged and diluted due to the wastage in your body and the slow absorption rate.